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Phase III Remedial Services

Projects are designed to clean up contaminants of concern (COC) as they may impact air, soil, groundwater, and other sensitive receptors such as buildings, aquifers, and areas sensitive to human health and environment. Among remedial in-situ and ex-situ techniques employed are excavation and disposal, composting, soil vapor extraction and air sparging (SVS/AS) systems, tertiary bio-remediation and oxygen release compounds (ORC), and more. The program chosen may be from work performed during ESA’s and Phase II’s or mandated by regulation according to site status or under a corrective action plan (CAP).

Phase III remediation is undertaken to achieve federal and state published cleanup standards for soil and groundwater contamination previously identified during Phase II investigations. Site remedial strategies are developed with COC, property type, and land use considerations.

Phase III projects may involve additional testing, sampling, monitoring and the design of feasibility studies for remediation and remedial plans, known as a Corrective Action Plan (CAP). A CAP is a study of alternative clean-up methods, costs, and logistics utilizing the best available and cost effective technology. Pilot tests and system installation for in-situ remediation such as AS/SVE may be performed; and for some situations, excavation and disposal or natural attenuation may be the preferred approach. Reports are compiled during remediation progress and at the completion of remediation to demonstrate that compliance has been achieved; in some cases, where recalcitrant compounds are present, further monitoring and/or tertiary recovery methods may be deemed appropriate.

Peaks Environmental, LLC has undertaken and collaborated on numerous Phase III projects from mining to fueling operations, chemical and fuel spills, composting, use of oxygen release compounds (ORC) and bio-remediation, leaking UST (LUST) sites, railroad and ski area maintenance facilities, and more. We have the experience and expertise to provide time sensitive and cost effective remedial strategies for any situation.

Peaks has more than 29 years of experience providing professional, reliable, and educational services to address environmental concerns. Our clients range from industrial corporations to government agencies; and financial and real estate businesses to homeowners.

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