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Peaks Environmental LLC Phase II, Soil Vapor Survey (SVS) Geoprobe

Peaks incorporates a variety of investigative field methods including test pit excavation, drilling and sampling programs, geoprobe testing, geophysical surveys, soil vapor surveys (SVS), and more. The purpose of a Phase II is to detect unidentified or unknown but suspected RECs to delineating the degree and extent of contamination from known or suspected petroleum and/or chemical release(s).

Phase II Environmental Site Investigations (Phase II) usually consists of field sampling methods to determine the nature, degree and extent of contamination that was identified as a REC during the Phase I ESA process. Phase II assessments may consist of collecting vapor, soil and groundwater samples to screen for contaminants of concern (COC); a soil vapor survey (SVS) is a less expensive method to determine if chemical and/or petroleum vapors exist in subsurface soils. Sampling is conducted by various methods such as hollow stem auger (HSA) drill rig, hydraulic direct-push geoprobe equipment, hand auger, and backhoe, depending on site-specific conditions. In some cases, a subsurface electromagnetic survey, which may incorporate several electrical, acoustic, radar, and imaging techniques, is used to identify anomalies such as tanks, septic systems, and voids before intrusive field activities commence.

Phase II environmental reports often describe groundwater monitor well (MW) installation; surface and subsurface soil and groundwater sampling; soil classification and description; laboratory analytical reports; aboveground and underground storage tank (AST/UST) assessment and closure; and emissions and discharges evaluation, to name a few. Phase II testing is performed to evaluate environmental impact to and from a property and neighboring sites.

Environmental liabilities have costs associated with real estate sales, regulatory-mandated cleanup, disposal of regulated- and non-regulated wastes, and civil liability. Civil liability may occur due to contamination that has migrated onto or from a property impacting sensitive receptors, and/or exposure to hazardous materials.

Our environmental remediation services based in Flagstaff, Arizona are cost-effective, in-situ or ex-situ treatment procedures for contaminated sites. They include soil and groundwater vapor extraction, air sparing, on-site composting, excavation, transportation, and disposal services to remove contaminants.

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